Football Toast is a blog about Football made for football fans worldwide. The core content of the website remains the history of Football. Besides, the website explores the history of different football teams, players, managers, tournaments, stadiums, and more.

Football Toast is a project of 5 friends who are passionate about the beautiful football game. We tackle each article on the website as a neutral football fan. The idea behind the blog was to create contents around football history that are accessible to fans globally.

We have kept the content as simple as possible. By so doing, we want to ensure that you are presented with only the necessary information.

Launching Of The Blog

The blog went online on May 30th, 2021. We started the website with around seven articles, then gradually increased the number. We are looking forward to adding more content as we advance.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

There are tons of websites on the internet that talk about Football. Many of them also tackle the history of the football game. Unfortunately, very few of them are up-to-date. The idea behind setting up the blog is not only to write content one time and leave it there.

We are constantly researching the web to keep our articles fresh and updated. Furthermore, we aim at continually adding events that mark the history of each football team.

Our content has been simplified so that it is easy to read and understand by anyone. However, we know some people’s difficulty with reading, so we made a user-friendly football blog.

Players Statistics

Other than the history of Football, Football Toast also includes players’ statistics. By players statistics, we mean the different leagues and tournaments they have played. In addition, we display data such as the number of appearances, the number of goals, assists, yellow cards, red cards, and minutes played.

Information Presented On The Site

All our contents are unique. We do not plagiarise content from other sources. Instead, we make references from popular websites and then write our unique articles.

Besides, we add references sources at the end of each article. By so doing, we are crediting the different sites we referred to while writing the blog posts.

If you think that we have added something that violates the policy of your site, leave us a message at

We will remove the same from the website as soon as possible.

Contribute To Our Site

We welcome you to help us make this site better. If you own pictures that fit into our articles, you can email us at

It would be best if you were the owner of the images you are willing to provide. We do not want pictures that violate the right of another author. Therefore, we will credit the owner of each photo on our site.

If you own a YouTube channel and have videos you want to share with us, you are again welcome to contact us by email. Of course, all videos should be your own.

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