Published Date: 12.12.2022 – Last Updated: 12.12.2022

Soccer is a great sport for kids to get involved in. Not only does it promote physical activity and teamwork, but it also helps foster confidence and social skills.

If you’re looking to get your child started in soccer, the best place to begin is with basic drills that help teach the fundamentals of the game. Here are three beginner soccer drills that are perfect for young players.

Passing drill

Passing is one of the most important skills in soccer, so it’s important to start practicing early. To do this drill, have two players stand 10 yards apart with a ball between them. Have them practice passing back and forth, making sure they use both their left and right feet.

Gradually increase the distance between them as they practice and eventually make passes with their head or chest if they feel comfortable doing so.

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Dribbling drill

Dribbling is another key skill when it comes to playing soccer. To practice dribbling, create a grid of cones (or other markers) about 10×10 yards in size and have your child dribble around within the confines of the grid using both feet.

Make sure they keep their head up while dribbling so they can see where they’re going. As their skills advance, add more cones or challenge them by having them dribble around obstacles like chairs or hula hoops.

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Shooting drill

As your child becomes more comfortable with passing and dribbling, introduce shooting drills into their practice routine. To do this drill, create a goal on each end of the field and have your child take turns shooting at each goal from various distances away from it.

Encourage them to use different parts of their foot when shooting (instep, laces, outside/inside). This will help build up strength and accuracy in their shots.

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End of line

These beginner soccer drills are a great way to get kids started in learning how to play soccer.

With consistent practice over time, your child will be able to master all the fundamentals needed to become an accomplished player. Plus, these drills are fun too—so there’s no need to worry about boredom setting in during practice sessions.

Get out there on the field today and start honing those skills.