Why do punters prefer placing sports bets on mobile phones?

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In the olden days, before everything was done online, punters would usually place their bets in person or with a phone call. With the arrival and expansion of the Internet, that was replaced by betting online using your computer and/or laptop. Every betting outfit that hoped to keep up with the times set up a betting site that represented a much more convenient solution for everyone.

In the years since, we’ve seen we’ve seen another shift in the method of placing bets. It’s not as dramatic as the first one was, but it is still significant. Nowadays, you can connect to the web just about anywhere that isn’t the middle of a rain forest, or dead center of a jungle. Additionally, phones have evolved to the point where we have those laptops, that were once used, in our back pocket. It’s simple natural progression then to use smartphones as the main tool for almost everything in our life, including making bets.

There are numerous avenues to go betting with your phone – hundreds of apps are waiting just a few clicks away, just be sure to take into account the best UK betting sites for the most complete insight into where to place your bets.

Now that you know that you can place bets over your phone, let’s see why it’s the punters preferred method.


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By far, the most common reason why punters use their phones is convenience. You have every function and feature you would have on a desktop or in person, but it’s available to you virtually any place and anytime. 

Convenience isn’t just about access, but also about possibilities. Sports, and football in particular, are a global phenomenon where you can find something to watch and bet on literally any time you want. Before, you would have had to visit a bookmaker or hop on a computer; now, it’s completely different. Now, even if it’s 3 in the morning and you’re watching a lower league rugby match in New Zealand, chances are, you’re a couple of clicks away from placing your bet.

Live betting

Following right along with a similar premise. Betting over the phone makes it much easier to participate in live betting. Let’s say you’re watching your favorite team on the TV and get a sudden hunch they’ll score in the next 10 minutes because a goal is “hanging in the air”. This is now possible using phones, because it takes just a minute or two to check the odds and place the bet.

Before, you would have had to be at a specialized bar, or near a bookmaker to place bets for live events, but now there’s no difference between betting before or during a match. Live betting also provides numerous options for specific bets like “next event for team A”, or “number of scores till halftime”, etc. – the possibilities are vast.


In any process where money is involved, security is paramount. Betting houses need to ensure maximum security measures so there’s never a chance a breach could happen and either side would lose money. 

Putting these kinds of measures in place is much easier on phones than devices. It’s easier to place advanced encryption methods on an app than it is on a site. Since bookmakers exclusively use apps on phones, you’ll always have the benefit of that added layer of security.

Furthermore, over the past couple of years, phones have come out with advanced biometric authentication, such as fingerprint scanners or face recognition software that’s used to access the phone itself but can be coopted for additional security checks when accessing the app.

There’s also the added benefit of two-factor authentication, push notifications, VPNs, etc., which all have a singular purpose of keeping your bets and your money safe from harm.


A recent study has shown that more people browse the web on their phones than any other device. The term “browsing” shouldn’t be taken lightly because it isn’t as banal as it might sound. Those people are browsing web shops, making purchases, signing up for subscriptions and, yes, placing bets. It’s a market on the rise, which in turn means that, in our case, bookmakers will get behind this trend (searching for profit) by making their product more mobile-centric.

Punters will continue to use their mobile phones for betting even more in the future, because all signs point to a more immersive and enjoyable experience because it’s available 24/7, convenient to use and fully secure. 

Most of the activities we do on a daily basis revolve around our phone anyways, so it really doesn’t make sense to swim against the tide on this one by insisting on outdated betting methods. Join the evolution today and reap the benefits of what it has to offer.