Established in 1955, the UEFA Champions League was previously known as the European Cup. It is a seasonal tournament reserved for soccer teams around Europe governed by the Union of European Football Association (UEFA).

During the 1992-93 season, the tournament’s name got changed to the UEFA Champions League. The competition was once reserved for the champions of different UEFA countries. Quite recently, in 1997, runners-up from the most popular league were allowed access to the soccer tournament. Two years later, third and fourth-place teams from the top leagues also gained promotion to the contest.

The Champions League is the most popular soccer tournament in Europe. Every team and soccer player dreams of lifting the big ears trophy.

More About The UEFA Champions League

Over the years, the Champions League rules have known significant changes. In 2005, Liverpool FC became the first Champions League winner to gain automatic qualification despite not finishing in the top 4 in their domestic league.

Teams that have won the competition for three consecutive years or lifted the trophy five times are awarded a multiple-winner badge. Six teams around Europe currently figure in this list. They are AC Milan, AFC Ajax, Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, and Real Madrid.

There have been many Champions League winners over the years. However, Real Madrid of Spain remains the team with the most titles. By 2021, the Spanish club had won the competition on 13 occasions. Let us have a look at the different winners since the competition’s creation.

List Of Champions League Winners

Real Madrid has a record 13 UEFA Champions League trophies. AC Milan has won the competition seven times, while Bayern Munich and Liverpool six times. Barcelona, on the other hand, has lifted the big ears trophy on five occasions.

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