Racism in sports and, most commonly, soccer has existed for many years. Racial abuse is often directed to players, fans and officials based on their skin tone, nationality or ethnicity.

The soccer game has helped players and fans from all around the world unite into one single force. Soccer has taught us that together as one, we are stronger. Yet, the number of incidents with regards to racial discrimination has not ceased. Racism constantly impacts the beauty of the game. Players and fans have been calling for a stop to these abuses, but this battle is far from won.

We at Football Toast strongly condemns all sorts of racial discrimination. This article will address the problem and see how it is affecting the soccer world.

The Rise In Racial Abuse On Social Platforms

The downside of the increase in popularity of social media platforms is that many people misuse them to promote racism. Though companies like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter heavily condemn such acts, some people still post racial contents online. These messages are often targeted towards players and fans based on their skin color.

In many countries, people found guilty of posting racist contents online are fined by the law. Social media companies also allow users to report content that is deemed racist.

Black Lives Matter

The “Black Lives Matter” social movement came into existence in 2013. It aims at fighting racial discrimination with the use of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

Following the murder of George Floyd, the movement made its reappearance in 2020

The Black Lives Matter slogan was included on players’ shirts during the restarted 2019-20 Premier League campaign. Later the Premier League made their anti-racism slogan which was No Room For Racism. It subsequently replaced the Black Lives Matter slogan.

Take The Knee

The Premier League adopted the “take the knee” action before every soccer match during the 2020-21 campaign to fight against racism.

Soccer players are often subject to racial abuse during soccer games. Sometimes, these abuses come from their fans.

Wilfried Zaha, on his side, decided to stop taking the knee before kick-off. When asked about his decision, Zaha responded by saying,

“There is no right or wrong decision, but for me personally, I feel kneeling has just become a part of the pre-match routine, and at the moment, it doesn’t matter whether we kneel or stand; some of us still continue to receive abuse.”

Players who are subject to this kind of abuses find it hard to cope with it on a day to day basis. Every human on this planet has equal rights, and promoting racism in whatever form should stop.

Racial Abuse During Soccer Games

Players who are subject to racial abuse on the pitch often find it challenging to perform well. It impacts their personal life as well. These sorts of incidents have been making the headlines during the past decades.

There have been instances whereby soccer matches had to be stopped due to racial chants by some supporters. Many soccer federations brought forward campaigns to put an end to this issue, but very few worked.

A Three-day Social Media Blackout

On April 30, 2021, many soccer governing bodies announced a three-day social media blackout meaning that they will not publish anything online.

The idea of the campaign was to fight against racism. Many soccer players supported the campaign by joining the cause. Despite the efforts put forward to stop racial discrimination, a few months later, an incident shook the soccer world.

Seid Visin Suicide

Former AC Milan youth player Seid Visin tragically took his life on June 3, 2021. He was only 20 years old. Seid was adopted at an early age and subsequently got Italian nationality.

Seid has been the victim of racial abuse at a young age. A note dating more than two years ago showed that he suffered from the racial discrimination of people. He was also badly treated by his so-called friends several times.

Walter Visin, the adoptive father of Seid, believe that his son did not commit suicide due to racial abuse.

Famous Soccer Players Thoughts On Racism

Many soccer players have had their say on racism in soccer. Some have been subject to racial abuse throughout their career. Let us have a look at what they think about racism.

“Racism springs from ignorance” – Mario Balotelli

“I’m a black man, and I live every day proud that I am” – Marcus Rashford

“I would be surprised if there is a black man in Belgium who says he has never experienced racism. I will tell him he is the biggest liar I have ever met. It’s out there, people don’t fear to say it. Those people are ignorant and uneducated, that’s what I call them.” – Romelu Lukaku

“There is freedom of speech. But you can’t shout whatever you want in an airport, a cinema, a police station. This is my point: accountability.” – Thierry Henry

End Of Line

No one has the right to abuse another person racially. Every person on this planet is fighting a battle, and if we cannot respect them enough, then we should neither disrespect them.

Racism Has To Stop!